A terminal diagnosis brings the end of life firmly into view. Reflecting on what your end of life looks like and feels like, what your values and preferences are, is personal to you. There are many dimensions – legal, medical, spiritual, practical, emotional, physical, logistical. Realising those wishes calls for reflection, communication, collaboration, informed decision-making and planning. You and your family don’t have to carry this alone.

You can be supported as you navigate the machinery of the Australian medical system, making sure your family are supported too, organising your physical spaces, caring for and holding your mental wellbeing, getting your financial and legal affairs in order, identifying and drawing in religious or spiritual comforts, tuning into and soaking in life’s precious moments and gifts…music, the sea breeze, the smell of fresh rain, a view from a mountain, ice cream, being home with loved ones, and dying in the manner and location we choose in the knowledge that after we die, your family will go forward, with ongoing support as they attend to your well organised affairs and continue their journey comforted in their bereavement by deeply cherished memories and the humbling experience of the exquisite grace that can prevail at end of life.

Advance Care Directives

Advance Care Directives are legal documents that operate squarely in the medical environment. They provide a clear set of directions including your wishes and values that need to be considered before medical treatment decisions are made on your behalf. The reality of their application can differ from what we envisage. Advocacy and awareness can play a huge role in their successful application.

In New South Wales, if ACDs are unambiguous and available to treating doctors, then they must be followed. We guide our clients in their Advance Care Directives collaborating with their medical team. We also love to work alongside end of life doulas as part of that critical circle of support around you.

What is an End of Life Doula?

An End of Life Doula is a non-medical person of service at end of life. They walk alongside you on the journey and collaborate with you around your end of life – planning, decision-making, logistics, journeying, advocating and accompanying. They are not a walking end of life encyclopedia with all the answers to your questions. Their job is to support you to find your own answers. In our experience, they can play a huge role in reducing the overwhelm by educating, empowering and supporting a person and their family at end of life to navigate the path ahead of them.

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